What we do

Donation Drop-Offs


When you arrive at the donation location, you can follow these steps for dropping off housewares:

  1. Head to the side of the building where you’ll find the parked moving trucks in the parking lot.
  2. Drive your vehicle up to the designated area beneath the door labeled “Donations and run over the Driveway Bell Hose to signal the men.
  3. The helpful team members from A Better Way will be available to assist you in unloading your housewares and donating items through this entrance.
  4. Should you require any assistance or have questions, the friendly staff from A Better Way will be on hand to provide guidance.

Donation Drop-Offs


When you arrive at the donation location, you can follow these steps for dropping off Furniture:

  1. Prepare Your Donation: Gather the furniture items you wish to donate. Ensure they are in good condition and clean.
  2. Visit the Location: Come to our donation center and head to the back side of the building. Look for the designated drop-off area.
  3. Ring the Doorbell: Once you’re at the drop-off area, ring the doorbell for assistance. Our helpful staff will promptly greet you. 
  4. Assessment: Our team will assess the donated furniture to determine its suitability for donation. This step ensures that your contribution aligns with our mission to help others.
  5. Completion: After the assessment, our staff will guide you through the completion of your donation. You’ll receive a receipt for your records, acknowledging your generous gift.
  6. Impact: Your donated furniture will now find a new home with those who need it most. Your kindness contributes to making a positive impact in our community.

    Thank you for choosing to donate and support our cause. Your generosity makes a difference!


Donation Pick-Ups

Scheduling A Pick-Up
Call or Text to schedule a pick-up. Text your First and Last name, Address, and a detailed list of the items you intend to donate to 6782556799. The store’s volunteers will find a suitable pick-up time, being flexible to accommodate your schedule. Your support is greatly appreciated. 
Assessing Your Items

Our team will assess the items you want to donate, and if they determine that we can re-sale them, they’ll be added to our curated collection for resale. If items aren’t suitable for resale, we provide a disposal service for a fee of $50 to $150 per item to ensure responsible and eco-friendly disposal.

Donation Map Area


Donation Boxes

Can't make it?

Can't make it to our store to donate your small items? Well, we've placed donation boxes in quite a few locations in the area to help ease the burden of making a donation.
To conceniently contribute clothing items. We offer donation boxes. Feel free to access our google map which displays the locations of all our donation boxes.

Junk Removal Services

Removal/Disposal Services

A Better Way Donations is your reliable solution for Junk Removal/Disposal services in various Georgia areas, including Peachtree City, Senoia, Brooks, Sharpsburg, Newnan, Tyrone, Fayetteville, Palmetto, Fairburn, Riverdale, and Jonesboro. We specialize in clearing out household clutter, debris, appliances, furniture, yard waste, and more. There's no item too challenging for us – if you name it, we'll remove it! Our commitment to excellent customer service and transparent pricing sets us apart. Count on A Better Way Donations to complete the job promptly, as promised, and at the agreed-upon price, ensuring no surprises and leaving no junk behind!

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  1. How does the donation assessment process work?
    Our team evaluates the items you wish to donate. If they meet our resale criteria, they’ll be added to our curated collection for resale.
  2. What happens if my items aren’t suitable for resale?
    For items not fit for resale, we offer a convenient disposal service for a fee ranging from $50 to $150 per item. This fee ensures responsible and eco-friendly disposal.
  3. What types of items can I donate?
    We accept housewares items that are boxed or bagged for pickup.
  4. How is the removal process determined for donated items?
    The removal process depends on factors like size, weight, stairs, and distance. Larger or heavier items might require special tools or additional personnel for safe removal.
  5. What if I have a very large or heavy item?
    For exceptionally large or heavy items, special tools and additional manpower might be necessary, especially if there are stairs involved or a long distance to cover.
  6. How is the disposal service fee determined?
    The disposal service fee ranges from $50 to $150 per item, covering the cost of responsible disposal and environmentally conscious methods.
  7. Why should I engage in the Donation and Removal Service?
    Participating in our service not only supports A Better Way Bargains Thrift Store’s mission but also contributes to sustainable resource management.
  8. What is the emphasis of your approach to handling items?
    We are committed to both reusing and responsible disposal practices, ensuring a better way of handling items for a greener future.
  9. What items are not accepted for donation?
    We do not accept items such as Armoires, Pianos, Sofa Beds, Gas Appliances, Mattresses & Box Springs, Floral & Plaid Sofas & Chairs, Treadmills, Waterbeds, Hutch, Old Box TVs, Desks, Baby Beds, Bassinets, Baby Cribs, Old exercise equipment, Entertainment Centers, and anything in poor quality/condition unsuitable for resale in our thrift store.